Submit a Talk

Soon after your talk has been submitted, you will receive an email from SydneyTalks informing you if the talk has been accepted or declined for publication.

The selection criteria if inclusion of events is

  • the event must a talk, lecture, forum, debate, conversation or discussion open to the general public and accessible to all
  • it must be held in the Sydney Metropolitan area
  • the event should contain a minimum 25-minute talk, discussion or conversation, even if part of a larger event
  • the submission must include the full name of at least one speaker
  • there must be a website link for more information, bookings or enquires. This website must be up to date with the talk details.

We do not publish half or full day events, educational classes, workshops, training sessions, professional networking, product or service sales pitches, conferences, spiritual or religious services and ceremonies. If there is a single talk, open to the public and accessible to all, within these activities, e.g. a talk within a festival, it can be listed.

Please use one form per talk. All details must be specific, finalised and confirmed prior to submission and will not be published without a live website link. All entries must be submitted by the talk organiser or authorised agent.

If your talk is repeated over numerous days and times, you need to do a single entry for each time. For festivals of talks or talks within larger public programs, we suggest just submitting selected talks.

Your name and email details are strictly confidential. SydneyTalks will only use them to validate the notice being posted. Only the talk details will be displayed on the published list. Talks are published on the basis of information provided to us, and responsibility for misinformation remains with the person submitting the talk.

If the details of your talk change after you have submitted your talk for publication, please go to the SydneyTalks homepage, login and go to My Talks on the User Navigation Bar.