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Epistemology: the theory of knowledge

We believe that we ‘know’ many things; but what is “knowledge”, and how does it relate to evidence, truth, belief, expectation, and mere remembering? What makes "justification" justificatory? In this lecture Tibor Molnar argues that Plato got it all wrong; and that even philosophers ‘know’ almost nothing at all!
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Tim Costello: Justice in Action

What can Australians do to make the world a better and fairer place? Delivering this year's Gandhi Oration is Chief Advocate of World Vision Australia Tim Costello.
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Quitting plastic

Discover how to reduce plastic in your everyday life, starting with small and easy changes. Clara Williams-Rolden and Louise Williams answer the tricky questions, like ‘How will I wash my hair?’, ‘Do I have to give up crackers?’, ‘What about my bin liner?’ and ‘Is this going to be expensive?’
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Marvels of engineering and industrial heritage

Join John August for a fascinating exploration of the many marvels of human ingenuity he has encountered during his travels, including extraordinary engineering works, antique machines, scientific curiosities and strange objects.
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