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Saving the World: Australian innovation in solar heat and power

Debbie Rudder will discuss important contributions Australian engineers have made to all three types of solar water heater: flat plate, evacuated tube, and heat pump. The suite of photovoltaic technologies developed here that have hugely reduced the cost of photovoltaic panels, making solar the world’s fastest-growing source of power.
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Gonski 2.0: Responses, reflections and directions

Pasi Sahlberg and Adrian Piccoli, Gonski Institute for Education, School of Education, UNSW Sydney respond to various aspects of the recommendations put forth in the recent “Gonski 2.0” report, discussing insights, questions, and the way forward.
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Indigenous sustainability, practices and processes

Gundungurra Aboriginal elder David King, inspirational leader of the Bushcare Group community, will discuss Australian Aboriginal sustainability practices and processes with Christine Winter from the Sydney Environment Institute.
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The promise and peril of the fourth industrial revolution

Nicholas Davis, Head of Society and Innovation, and Member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, will explore the promise and peril of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and how we might realise the benefits of sustainable, responsible and human-centred innovation.
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