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Entrepreneurship and neurological diversity

What do ADHD, dyslexia and impulsive behavioural have in common? Despite their often-negative perception they can be advantageous in entrepreneurship. Professor Johan Wiklund has conducted research that supports this theory and will share how traits such as impulsivity and hyperactivity can have a positive impact on achieving entrepreneurial goals.
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Headstrong Daughters

Nadia Jamal talks about the lives of ordinary Muslim women from around Australia whose stories she included in her book, Headstrong Daughters. These candid and moving stories reveal a side to Australian life that is little known and often misunderstood.
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Work in a free society

Many people are anxious about work. Some are worried about the increasingly demanding nature of work, some by the lack of secure, meaningful employment, and others by the prospect of robots taking jobs. Professor Nicholas Smith, University of Sydney will discuss the changing character of work and its place in our lives.
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Until you see the original again: Lam Qua, Chinese export artist

The first Sydney Asian Art Series event for 2018 features Winnie Wong, Associate Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, discussing the Chinese painter known to Europeans as “Lam Qua". Presented with the Power Institute, VisAsia and the China Studies Centre.
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