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Professional obligations in an age of climate change

Are our ethical codes and standards doing enough to slow down climate change? This panel, featuring writer Anna Krien and Greenpeace Australia CEO David Ritter, will consider these and other profound questions facing all professionals in the age of global warming.
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Daniel Dennett on consciousness

Join philosopher and cognitive scientist Daniel Dennett for the 2018 Wallace Worth lecture. He has been at the forefront of debates about free will, morality, and the differences between humans and animals, asking big questions about consciousness and how it has evolved.
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In Conversation: Architecture and Accessibility

Almost one in five Australians report living with a disability and are profoundly impacted by the design of public spaces and private dwellings. Presented in association with the Sydney Architecture Festival, join this discussion featuring a panel of prominent architects and community members in conversation with presenter Fenella Kernebone.
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Building Food Utopias: voice, power and agency

A panel, featuring international expert and Executive Director of Food First, Eric Holt-Gimenez, explore how social movements across the globe are transforming systems for food and farming sustainability.
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