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Hunting Proteas – European Dungeons to the Western Cape

Join Proteaceae expert Peter Weston, Systematic Botanist at the Royal Botanic Garden, to learn about his fascinating Winston Churchill Fellowship trip to Europe and South Africa, in search of the South African ‘Marsh Rose’, Orothamnus zeyheri, one of the many beautiful plants in the family Proteaceae.
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Triple A Talk: So You Want to Be An Entrepreneur

Separate fact from fiction in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by finding out what it's really like to enter the start-up game. Sandy Plunkett, leading innovation and start up specialist, provides real world lessons in business pragmatism to help you turn your ideas into a well-thought-out startup!
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Author Talk: Helen O'Neill on The Daffodil

Join best-selling and award-winning author Helen O’Neill for the story of the Daffodil, celebrating the flower’s place in myth, politics, art, religion, science, poetry and love. From the ancient Greeks to the our current era, The Daffodil is a story of humanity, encompassing science, chance, redemption and hope. 
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Health Talk: Osteoporosis

Join Michelle Chapman from Arthritis and Osteoporosis NSW as she discusses this condition in which bones lose density, becoming fragile and brittle - resulting in a higher risk of fractures than in normal bones. 
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