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Recycling Rome

Archaeologist Candace Richards, Sydney University Museums, explores the physical and ideological recycling of Roman architecture and sculpture around the Mediterranean, and examines spolia vs sustainability in a fallen empire.
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Capturing Identities in Paint

Join Sally Anderson, who has painted a portrait of artist Guy Maestri, and Kim Leutwyler has painted the Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore as they discuss their practice.
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The Plight of the Yazidis

The wider world became aware of the Yazidis when ISIS attacked their homeland in the Sinjar mountains. ISIS massacred Yazidis, enslaved the women and children and drove most them out of their homeland. Racho Donef outlines their centuries old persecution, their basic religious tenets and current state.
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Why Are We Here? Physics and the Fortunate Universe

The fine tuning of the universe for life is a major unsolved problem in the world of physics. Geraint Lewis and Luke Barnes explain what we know of the universe, from its most basic particles and forces, to planets, stars and galaxies, and back through cosmic history.
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