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Sydney Ideas: Tax Havens - What Can be Done?

Tax evasion is as old as taxes. But with the introduction of mass income tax at the beginning of the twentieth century, the problem took on new dimensions. Vanessa Ogle looks at historical evidence and discusses what can be done against tax havens especially in the face of mounting inequality today.
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The Sacred Scorpion: Myth, Monarch and Magic

Dr Louise Pryke, University of Sydney,  talks about spcorpions and scorpion imagery in the ancient world. She considers the different uses of scorpion imagery in the religions of the Ancient Near East, and how the symbolic representations continues to illuminate connections between humans and the natural world.
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Author Talk: Claire Scobie -The Pagoda Tree

Join award-winning author Claire Scobie for a Traveller's Tales talk on The Pagoda Tree. which provides detailed insights on 18th century India and the life of a devadasi dancer. Claire is the recipient of the 2007 Dolman Best Travel Book Award and leads literary tours to India.
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Insights 2016: Participating Publics - Engaging with Science and Technology

Professor Mike Michael from the Department of Sociology and Social Policy discusses what sort of social and political processes shape both 'scientific citizens' and their engagement with science and technology.
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