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Welcome to Sydney Talks - listing talks in Sydney each month
Sydney Talks is a free service listing interesting talks and lectures in Sydney. Our list is updated regularly to ensure you receive the most accurate information.


Socrates, the conscience of the West
Internationally acclaimed scholar and translator Dr David Horan asks why Socrates is still so influential.  What does Socrates say to the world today? How can we truly heed his message? Why does the world continue to be inspired by Socrates, to face the questions we really need to face?
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Political Manoeuvres: Local Council Politics in 1930s Sydney
City of Sydney Historian, Laila Ellmoos talks about the chambers of the Sydney Town hall which were the proverbial hotbed of intrigue and manoevering. The records of the past are now open for scrutiny and Laila has many stories to tell that will both amuse and horrify.
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Modern Buddhism: Ancient Wisdom in Everyday Life
Join internationally renowned teacher and Buddhist Nun, Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, as she talks about Modern Buddhism, which presents the meditation and positive thinking techniques we need to be free from negative emotions, making joy and happiness our everyday reality. 
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Messages from the Sky with Fred Watson
Astronomy in the Americas, focusing on the Aztecs and Incas, was an advanced science deeply enmeshed in culture. In this entertaining and fully illustrated talk, astronomer Fred Watson visits just a few of these, from the Cholula Pyramid of the Aztecs to the extraordinary Nazca lines of southern Peru
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