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Welcome to Sydney Talks - listing talks in Sydney each month
Sydney Talks is a free service listing interesting talks and lectures in Sydney. Our list is updated regularly to ensure you receive the most accurate information.


Challenging Racism - What Works?
In an open forum, guest speaker Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Australia's Race Discrimination Commissioner,. explores the issue and examines how we can effectively challenge racism on both a personal and community level.
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Slave Songs in the Southern Seas
Ethnomusicologist Dr Michael Webb, from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, discusses musical globalization and racial uplift in colonial Melanesia, and how African American spirituals have been creatively incorporated into indigenous repertoires. 
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Occupied Bodies: Re-thinking the Atomic Gaze in Ankoku Butoh
Butoh emerged in post-war Japan as an expression of protest against authority. In this talk Adam Broinowski draw on a wealth of research and personal experience to explore the key principles underpinning Butoh, and its intrinsic relationship to the legacy from US-occupied, post-Hiroshima Japan in a nuclear age.
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Literary Cities: London with Susannah Fullerton
For those who love English literature, London must be the greatest of all literary cities. Shakespeare made his fame here, Dickens created a Dickensian world amongst its streets, Chaucer sent his pilgrims from one of its taverns, and Jane Austen visited and used it as a setting.
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