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More Than Just Listening: The Role of the Oral Historian with Dr. Margaret Leask

Australia's leading performing arts oral historians, Dr. Margaret Leask talks about her work.  Since implementing the NIDA oral history initiative she has undertaken many interviews providing glimpses into an entertainer's' life and work.
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Literary Luncheon for Rosie Batty

Hear from Australian of the Year Rosie Batty, who knows pain no woman should have to suffer. In an incident that shocked Australia, Rosie's 11 year old son was killed by his father in a violent act.  A Mother's Story is her story.
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So, What? with Professor Miguel Vatter

So, what is Civil Religion and why does it matter?  Why have liberal democracies encountered difficulties in containing the unsuspected appeal of religious fundamentalisms? And how is this relevant for today's debate on the role of religion in democracy? Join Professor Miguel Vatter as he explores the issue.
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From Melancholy to Depression: Symptoms, Assumptions and Remedies

Medical writing on dark moods and melancholy dates from Hippocrates and were given their most comprehensive expression in Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy in 1621. Professor Jennifer Radden asks whether, in the face of a worldwide epidemic of depressive symptoms, these thinkers have something to tell us about remedying depression. 
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