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Welcome to Sydney Talks - listing talks in Sydney each month
Sydney Talks is a free service listing interesting talks and lectures in Sydney. Our list is updated regularly to ensure you receive the most accurate information.


Dried and Desiccated-Drawn and Quartered: Natural History Illustrations 1700-1877
The lavish natural history monographs of the 19th century can be counted amongst the most ravishing books ever published. Curator John Kean traces the relationship between biological specimens and the images used in those volumes that have come to stand for those species.
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An Evening with Caroline Ford - Sydney Beaches: A History
Join Caroline Ford as she discusses her recent publication 'Sydney Beaches: A History', a delightful account of how Sydneysiders developed a relationship with their iconic ocean coast. Her book details an intriguing, lesser known history: how our beach culture was shaped by early beachgoers who demanded important public rights.
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Expand your Mind
Guner Orucu, philosophy teacher, compares Eastern and Western wisdom traditions to be more open-minded. As we need exercise to make our bodies strong and flexible, so we need mental exercises to make our minds flexible and stronger. Discover ways to expand your mind.
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Eat Drink Paleo with Irena Macri
Join Irena Macri, creator of the hugely popular Eat Drink Paleo blog as she talks about her brand new book, Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook. Tea and paleo treats will be provided! 
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