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Nanny State with Chris Berg

As part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Chris Berg, Senior Fellow, Institute of Public Affairs and weekly columnist with ABC’s The Drum, asks: If we don't think our fellow citizens are capable of making the right choices about what they eat and drink, why do we think they are capable of voting? 
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From the Grand Tour to Capability Brown: English Gardens of the 18th Century

Michael Turner, Senior Curator of the Nicholson Museum, explores the influence of Italian architecture, landscape design and ancient sculpture as the Grand Tourists of the 18th century returned to England and designed gardens reflecting their newly found passion for Classical order and design. It would revolutionise English gardening.
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Dreadnought Dreaming: Buying Battleships by Public Subscription

In the early 1900s migrant communities in Australia and elsewhere subscribed to funds intended to modernise navies of their home countries. The Chinese Empire Reform Association was one such group to raise funds. Brad Powe for History Week will talk about the marine manifestation of nationalism and identity.
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Shame Culture with Jon Ronson

As part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Jon Ronson, Welsh journalist, author and documentary filmmaker whose works include best-seller The Men Who Stare at Goats and The Psychopath Test asks What does the rise of public shaming say about online culture and is it here to stay? 
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