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Welcome to Sydney Talks - listing talks in Sydney each month
Sydney Talks is a free service listing interesting talks and lectures in Sydney. Our list is updated regularly to ensure you receive the most accurate information.


So, what? - Professor Jonathan Bate on Shakespeare
Approaching the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's  death, Professor Jonathan Bate explores his inheritance today in theatre, film and wider culture.  He also looks at Shakespeare's own cultural inheritance from classical antiquity, and argues that Shakespeare does for us today what the Classics did for him.
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VIVID Ideas: The Future of Music - How Interactive Technologies are Changing Music Experience
Oliver Brown, Stephen Ferris, Matt Oxley, and Dr Damien Ricketson, practitioners and thinkers from different worlds of music and digital design, re-imagine what music is and discuss where its future may lie.
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Democracy Futures: Beyond Lifestyle Politics in a Time of Crisis?
Comparing young peoples' Issue agendas and views on Inequality, Ariadne Vromen examines whether young people's recent experience of national economic austerity and increasing material inequality shapes both the everyday political issues that they identify with, and how they understand inequality and distribution of resources in society.
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Barangaroo Headland Park
Barangaroo Headland Park is being transformed. Hear from Landscape Architect and Horticultural Consultant Stuart Pittendrigh and Soil Scientist Simon Leake, both part of the Landscape Design team, about how they overcame the challenges of this site, to incorporate native plants indigenous to Sydney's harbour environs to create a naturalistic bushland setting.
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