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Sydney Ideas - The Australian Mosque: locality, gender, and spirituality

Do contemporary Australian approaches to the 'sacred space' of the mosque offer a distinctive contribution to the wider Islamic global heritage?  Reem Sweid and Dr Sam Bowker consider the diverse cultural expressions of mosque design, past and present, in areas where Muslim populations are both minorities and majorities.
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Author Talk: Jane Eales on Secrets, Spies and Spotted Dogs

Join Jane as she discusses her memoir, Secrets, Spies and Spotted Dogs and interweaves the emotion of adoptee discovery, World War II espionage and her search for truth and identity.
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Attracting Wildlife to Your Garden

Celebrate spring with practical ideas and an in-depth talk about how to attract wildlife to your garden! Discover methods based on scientific research for encouraging Fairy-wrens, Tree Frogs, Microbats and other fauna. Be inspired to create ideal habitat in your yard by wildlife ecologist Chad Beranek from University of Technology, Sydney.
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The Role of the Botanic Gardens in Understanding Innovative Gardens Created Since the 1980s

Howard Tanner, Sydney-based architect and author who has written widely on landscape design and history, examines the continuity and relevance of the Sydney Botanic Gardens over 200 years. 
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