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The Power and the Passion

As part of the regular Sunday service, Martin Horlacher talks about keeping the passion to break free and "live" no matter what the road blocks.
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Athens and Delphi: Pivotal Places in the Ancient World

From a provincial town to the head of an empire Athens made its own success as a powerful city as well as encouraging fine art, architecture, philosophy and learning. Explore with Judy Roberts at these very special places and learn what made them so beautiful and powerful in the classical period.
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Sydney Ideas: Energy Cultures in Historical Perspective: What We Can Learn for the Future

Renmin University Professor Christof Mauch, Director of the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, looks back to understand how societies have dealt with energy expectations, energy needs, and energy transitions in the past.
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Literary Lunch: Women Memoir Writing is Insatiable

At a time when many women, including Magda Szubanski, Geraldine Brooks and Hannie Rayson, are writing memoirs, Patti Miller talks about her highly acclaimed Ransacking Paris and explores how memoirs are giving women a voice.
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